My Least Favorite F Word – Fear


Let’s talk about my least favorite F word, fear. What is fear anyway? Now I am not talking about the kind of fear that can cause literal danger to oneself but the kind of fear that holds us back from following our dreams. We all need to stop worrying about these so-called “fears” and learn how to kick them to the curb! NOTE: If you are afraid of sharks I am NOT suggesting you go jump into an ocean of shark infested waters.

We all have that one idea, that one goal in the back of our heads that we are not allowing ourselves to achieve and 9/10 times the problem is YOU. We live in a society where we care too much about the approval of others and this causes us to put our dreams on hold or potentially never follow them at all.

Before I started to go full-time with my business, I constantly had all of these negative thoughts running through my head and it always went back to one thing, fear. Fear of failing, fear of being judged, fear of the unknown. I finally allowed myself to LET GO of all the negativity I was creating for myself.

I started thinking, what’s the worst that could happen, I fail? I learn from my mistakes? But isn’t that the whole point of life anyway? We weren’t put on this earth with a set plan. SURPRISE! We actually get to decide what we want to do with our lives and we make those choices EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My advice? The only thing you should be fearful of is you (and spiders). Whether you want to start your own business, get in shape or move to a new state; get out of your own head and GO FOR IT. Remember it all starts with Y-O-U. It’s your life – do what YOU want with it.