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MBP Photo Booth

Services: Branding & Web Design

Marco wanted his photo booth business to reflect the fun, luxury, and modern experience his business offers. We developed a bright and bold color palette and complemented it with upscale typography to balance it. We wanted the brand and website to capture the full experience each customer receives when working with MBP Photo Booth.


*Video Provided by MBP Photo Booth

"I was so thrilled to work with Rachel. She is such a professional and easy to work with. I knew from our initial consultation that she would be perfect for the job, and she did not disappoint! She was able to capture exactly what I was going for in my brand's logo/website, and was really flexible when it came to changes as we went along.

I will definitely use her services again in the future, and would recommend her highly to anyone needing help with their brand identity design!"