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Services: Branding & Web Design

For the West Aesthetics branding and web design project, I worked closely with the team to develop a brand identity that conveyed their commitment to providing trusted, reliable, and approachable aesthetic services. The design elements we curated, including warm colors, clean typography, and playful graphics, created a cohesive brand that felt both professional and relatable. We also developed a user-friendly website that incorporated the brand identity to create a seamless experience for visitors. 

"First and for most, it has been such a pleasure working with you these past couple months. Your attention to detail, your read of me, and your guiding me especially when I was unsure of what I wanted at some points! I couldn’t have imagine the website unfolding to what it is today! You did an amazing job in bringing my vision to life! I am loving it so so much! Thank you for your time and creativity, your patience and professionalism."